Many people already know about the advantages of a deep press function 3D Touch of iPhone 6s. However, there are some more various options which will make using of the flagman Apple smartphone even more convenient.

5 useful functions of 3D Touch screen of iPhone 6s

Function 3D Touch Safari Tabs for tabs preview

The user can quickly look through tabs in Safari using 3D Touch press. Using peek and pop gestures, the user can preview a link or study a tab contents completely. Light press of «peek» allows to get a short review of the tab; strong press of «pop» opens the tab completely.

Peek gesture allows to read messages without full opening

Using «peek» press, the user can view a new message without opening it. It should be mentioned that the message won’t be marked as “read” after the preview. The full message history can be viewed by deep pressing of pop.

Peek gesture allows to answer the received message quickly

Using peek the user can answer the incoming message instantly. Dragging the messages preview to the top part of the screen opens access to the prompt reply menu.

Function 3D Touch Contact for a fast access to contact list through a profile photo

Using 3D Touch press in a contact profile in the apps like Messages, Mail or Contacts, the user can view contextual menu with all data about the contact. The menu allows to call, send a message or e-mail quickly. After pressing the contact name, the user will see a page with the full information about it.

3D Touch allows to highlight text

Highlighting of the text may be one of the most useful functions. The function works on the same principle as in trackpad. 3D Touch presses allow to highlight edited text, links, etc. Different types of gestures allow to highlight a separate word, a sentence or a paragraph. It is much easier than selecting a word, and then highlighting it completely by sliding with finger across the text.

Of course 3D Touch technology has much more pleasant surprises to offer. For example, it turned out that peek and pop gestures allow to view weather in different cities in Weather app.