Last year Apple has sold a record quantity of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c within the first three days of sales; particularly 9 million of devices. Sceptics have predicted that the company will not be able to repeat this success after a year, but the life showed there is nothing impossible. Namely in the first weekend – from Friday till Sunday inclusive, Apple has sold 10 million of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Many analysts have predicted such a result taking into account the volumes of deliveries and current production potentialities of company partners. Though Toni Sacconaghi from Bernstein was sure that Apple will not manage to sell more than 6-8 million of novelties, because some countries were not included into the first turn of deliveries. For example, China was not among these states, though iPhone 5s and 5c have appeared there from the first days of sales. By the way both models of iPhone 6 have been sold in a record quantity of 4 million pieces within the first 24 hours from the beginning of registration of advanced orders which is double more when comparing with their predecessors. So the American manufacturer had all preconditions for a new record within the first weekend of sales.

iPhone 6 sales

New Apple smartphones are the largest phones of the company. iPhone 6 is equipped with 4,7 inch display, iPhone 6 Plus – with 5,5 inch. Yes, even Steve Jobs said that a smartphone with large display is inconvenient for using with one hand. But consumer’s money has proved the necessity of increase of the useful screen space, and Apple had to follow the trend, unless they wanted snowballing conversion of consumers to the alternative mobile platforms.

What about innovations – now the American company continues holding the leading position as manufacturer of the 64-bit smartphone. The Android camp has similar researches, but program support will be realised only with release of Android 5 OS which is now known under the code name Android L. Whether the user needs these 64 bits – that’s another question, but iOS and significant amount of the other software are already updated for a new architecture.