Many experts compare iPhone 6 to other competitors’ devices recently released in the market. Below we would like to present a comparison of characteristics of the new Apple smartphone and Android-gadget – Sony Xperia Z3.

iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3


Despite large screen iPhone 6 still remains relatively compact gadget. Since Xperia has no thin frame, Sony smartphone looks bigger than iPhone 6 Plus. Diagonal of Xperia is 5,2 inches, and it is less convenient for holding the device in hands in comparison to the gadget from Apple. Nevertheless it should be noticed that Sony has reduced gadget’s thickness to 7,3 mm, while this value makes up 7 mm in iPhone 6. The advantage of competitors’ smartphone is possibility of operation under water on depth of 1,5 m, while smartphone from Apple is just waterproof. Sony has equipped the device with two stereo loudspeakers located on the front panel. That is another one detail which cannot be found in iPhone 6.


Sony has improved 1080p-display Xperia Z3. In particular the company has increased brightness of the screen, having added a mode with more than 600 nits, which is much more than new iPhone has. Apple smartphones are well-known for their exact colour organisation, while products from Sony automatically increase saturation and contrast while viewing videoclips. Display resolution of iPhone 6 makes up 750 x 1334 pixels, the density of pixels is 326 ppi.


Sony is not striving to fill Android-devices with unique features. Moreover the company does not equip them with such an impressive list of functions, as for example Samsung, LG or HTC do. Nevertheless rounded elements of graphic interface from Sony smartphone have already become easily recognizable for a long time.

iPhone 6 in its turn has got the newest platform – iOS 8 which looks rather plainly. Mobile OS has many improvements in the field of notices display and status line.

Processors and memory

iPhone 6 has got a tremendous A8 processor, 64-bit architecture with production technology of 20 nm, and specialised coprocessors. Despite the fact that it is a little bit worse than Snapdragon 801 4-core chip with frequency of 2,5 GHz with which Xperia Z3 equipped is, the processor of Apple provides excellent work of all iPhone/iOS components. Apple has improved ability of graphics processing on 50 %. This means no problems with launching 3D-games on iPhone.

It is interesting that RAM of iPhone 6 is only 1 Gb, while this value makes up 3 Gb in Xperia Z3 and allows smartphone to cope with multitasking perfectly. Z3 has 16 Gb of built in memory and microSd-slot for increase of storehouse volume; iPhone 6 is available in configurations with 16/64/128 Gb of memory.


Apple has equipped iPhone 6 with well-known 8-megapixel camera, but has added some absolutely innovative sensors which support Pixel Focus technology. It allows shooting with faster capturing and longer autofocusing. The feature of 1080p-video filming was also improved – now with frequency of 60 frames per second; and slow-mo shooting is now possible at 240 frames per second. Z3 in its turn is equipped with 20-megapixel camera, though the quality of pictures is far not always perfect. Xperia Z3 has G Lens and supports operation of a new algorithm. The photosensitivity makes 12 800 ISO. Sony device can shoot a video in 4–öformat and even under water.


If we draw up a table with all characteristics of Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6, the latter will look most likely less impressive. Sony smartphone has brighter display with higher resolution, better processor and larger RAM, not to mention camera resolution and battery life.

Apple has never tried to achieve the maximum indicators in technical characteristics – the company’s been always striving to make smartphones as much convenient for use as possible. Probably that’s why iPhone 6 is designed according to new paradigms and Touch ID sensor, as well as Apple Pay support.

Some may appreciate the fact that Xperia Z3 is waterproof, but many will prefer compactness and convenience of iPhone 6. Besides, a smartphone of Cupertino-based company allows to make pictures of higher quality thanks to various sensors.