11 watches of 8 manufacturers took part in testing in total. the researchers estimated their durability, features for sportsmen, readability of text in bright and dim illumination, and usability.

Consumer Reports tried to scratch the watch display in the durability test. As you may guess, Apple Watch in steel case turned to be the most durable.

Apple Watch excelled competitors according to test results

The chamber with water under pressure which can simulate immersing on various depths was used for estimation of water-resistance. The watches were immersed for 30 minutes, and then their functionality was checked. Repeated immersing was made after 24 hours. Steel Apple Watch was better than competitors in this test too.

In other tests the watches from LG and Pebble got the better of Apple Watch. For example, LG G Watch R has the most exact pedometer, and Pebble Steel offers the most readable image at bright illumination. However, simplicity of synchronization and use of Apple Watch ensured the first place of Apple company.