As the holidays approach, the experts from Argus Insights agency decided to find out what wearable device including smartwatch and activity trackers are the most popular among the respondents. Apple Watch gained a double-digit victory over competitors.

Apple Watch is the most desired smartwatch

The plebiscite with participation of more than 6000 persons, held within a week from November, 4 till November, 11th, showed that the most respondents do not care about the price much. For example, wearable gadgets from Fitbit, Microsoft and Jawbone which are actually cheaper and more useful for activity tracking relinquished the lead to four models of Apple Watch in various versions.

According to Argus Insight agency, the most used smartwatch functions are activity tracking, pedometer and heart rate control. Despite low self-sufficiency and far not the most exact heart rate indications of Apple Watch, consumers are ready to out up with these shortcomings, even taking into account higher price.

Smartwatch from Apple has surprisingly outranked even more popular model from Pebble and has become the device with the highest clients’ satisfaction level. The nearest competitors of the gadget from Apple are Moto 360 of the second generation, Asus Zenwatch and LG G Watch. It is notable that Samsung products did not manage to get to the rank of ten leaders of the market.