Megapixel race is not an Apple business. As you know the company equips its smartphones with 8-megapixel cameras since iPhone 4s. However it does not mean that quality of pictures does not vary. Cameras characteristics improve constantly. You can closely compare photos from different smartphones, but let’s entrust comparison to experts of cameras and objectives from DxOMark. They say that after release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple company «has set the gold quality standard of images from smartphone».

Cameras of iPhone 6

Novelties from Apple got 82 points from 100 in the experts’ rating, having left all competitors far behind. And they had to compete with leaders from Sony, Samsung and even multipixel Nokia. You can see indicators of the best ones in the diagram below:

According to experts such a result was possible thanks to different autofocusing and fast focusing. iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with optical stabilisation of the image which is also very important. The experts have appreciated work of noise eliminator in the conditions of low illuminance and the new improved slow-mo mode.

Perhaps these are not the innovations which everybody has expected from Apple. However the company is working over improvement of smartphone functions which are used every day, and achieves the results delighting even experts. So despite your iPhone 6 has no 41-megapixel camera, you can be sure: it shoots better than all smartphones existing today.