Sooner or later it was necessary to make it – to give users possibility to move data of one app to another. It may sound complex, but in a fact this is just a routine operation. For example, you can record an audionote in a system Dictaphone and save audiofile in Evernote notebook, or you can send the photo made with ProCamera to Instagram. The basis for this function was made by iOS 7, but only in iOS 8 realisation of this idea has become full-functional.

File sharing in iOS 8

The system menu of sharing still consists of two lists of «activities», but they are significantly extended and can be adjusted. The first default list includes sharing of data in services (if supported): Messages, Mail, Twitter and Facebook, and the second list includes the actions: copy, print. In iOS 8 both lines are supplemented with buttons “More” with the list of supported services – new options appear in process of software installation. New options can be enabled by toggles; dragging changes their order:

After several simple operations the menu of photos sharing in ProCamera corresponds to our requirements in the best way – Pocket (Read It Later) service, list of activities Omnifocus, Instagram photo service and cloudy storehouse Dropbox. The settings are general for all apps which support data exchange.

Important fact: iOS 8.0.2 does not save order of actions in the sharing menu after reboot. Perhaps this fault will be eliminated in the further updates.