Head of Samsung at court

Head of Samsung at court

February 17 Seoul court issued an arrest warrant for Vice President Lee Jae Yong Samsung – accused of the case of corruption involving the President of the Republic of Korea. The trial is one of the most resonant in recent years, but how it will affect Apple and the smartphone market in the world?

Lee is the de facto the head of Samsung – it’s like, if in Cupertino would be arrested Tim Cook. The investigation claims that he was involved in bribery in the tens of millions of dollars to companies controlled by the president’s girlfriend. Head of Samsung denies all charges.

It is worth noting that Samsung provides 20% of export of the Republic of Korea. That is a lot, and it is unlikely the state will want to lose such a player. However, the participation of Samsung in the trial will not go unnoticed: the domestic market, the company could be in trouble in the form of unannounced inspections and arrests.

With regard to the external market, it will likely not be affected. Apple will not be able to benefit from it in some profitable way (or more accurately, simply do not have time). Buyers do not care whether the head of the company was arrested or not – first of all they want to buy a device.

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