Apple Watch was already declared to be the most profitable gadget. IHS iSuppli decided to check whether the watch is worthy of this rank, and dismantled a model of Apple Watch Sport to find out how much its components cost for the manufacturer.

How much Apple Watch Sport costs for Apple

The result showed that creation of 38-mm gadget cost 83,7 US dollars for the vendor. The OLED-display is the most expensive component of the device, its cost is 20,5 dollars. S1 chip is on the second place – 10,2 dollars. Memory of device cost Apple 7,2 dollars, sensors – 3 dollars (for all – accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, luminance sensor), battery – 0,8 dollars, packing and its contents (for example, adapter and charger) – 9 dollars. Expenses for assemblage and manufacture – 2,5 dollars.

Thus it should be mentioned that these values are valid for “sports” model only; steel or gold watches were not dismantled.