Apple Watch may have been one of the most expected products from “apple” corporation. Despite of a seeming buying craze and increased attention, the experts consider the product to be far not so popular, as Apple says.

How successful is Apple Watch actually?

Earlier the company representatives declared successful sales of the watch, without revealing any exact sale rates. This reservedness seems rather strange, especially taking into account the significant success of iPhone, widely promoted on many actions and in many reports.

That is why some experts from Wall Street decided to carry out own research which results are far not so optimistic. However, at the conference arranged on Monday Tim Cook denied the guesswork and said Apple Watch is quite successful and is in great demand.

Nevertheless, the analyst from Piper Jaffray agency supposes that the quantity of watches sold within the last three month has hardly exceeded 2,5 million. Despite of it, the “foreteller” believes in success of Apple Watch and predicts increase of sales up to 40 million items by 2017.