Apple Watch, as well as wristlets for smart watch, is of the highest quality, however they need to be cleaned from time to time.

The manufacturer recommends to use lint-free cloth for cleaning of Apple Watch. Abrasive fabrics, towels, paper napkins and other similar accessories can damage product. Switch off the device and remove the wristlet before working with Apple Watch.

How to clean Apple Watch and wristlets for smart watch

Switch off the device and disconnect the power adapter to clean Apple Watch. Wipe front and back sides of the watch with slightly wet lint-free cloth. Do not apply liquid for cleaning of windows, household washing liquids, aerosol sprays, solvents, spirit, liquid ammonia and abrasive materials for cleaning of the gadget. If Digital Crown stopped to turn as usually, it is necessary to wash out Apple Watch with water.

Each collection of Apple Watch has a set of wristlets of various materials – fluoroplastic, leather, steel, in various colours. Variants made of steel and fluoroplastic should be just slightly wiped with wet cloth after removing from watch; leather wristlets need special care.

In the process of use leather whistles can change their appearance. They can get a coating or they can darken because of fat from hands and direct sunlight, and can loose natural view.

Cleaning of skin can affect its colour. If you want to clean wristlet you should remove it form Apple Watch at first. Carefully clean the accessory by clean cloth, soft soap and warm water. Weak washing liquid with dry clean cloth can also be used. It is not recommended to use washing liquids and conditioners.

Apple recommends to protect leather wristlets against long exposure to intensive sunlight, heat and humidity. Water, oils, cosmetics and painted fabrics (for example, jeans) can soil accessory materials.