Standard applications on Apple Watch are installed automatically (as well as on iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately Apple forbids to delete them, unlike software from App Store installed by the user.

Therefore if you need more space on your watch, you can delete only personal data and software. The software can be deleted in two ways.

How to delete application on Apple Watch

The first way:

  • Press a wheel of Digital Crown and wait until Carousel interface appears on the display (main screen).
  • Press and hold icon of the app you are going to delete, until the interface starts to “rock”.
  • Tap the selected app, “X” button appears near to the icon. Do not forget that you can delete only third-party apps.
  • Press «Х» and confirm deletion by pressed Delete App button.

Deletion of apps from Apple Watch

The second way (using iPhone)

  • Open Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Select My Watch tab.
  • Find the app you want to delete and press on it.
  • Disable Show App switch.