When you open a new tab in Safari, the thing you will see next to bookmarks of favourite sites is a section with the most visited sites. The utility of this section is disputable, since we hardly ever scroll this list to the end. In this article we’ll tell you how to disable this option.

How to disable often visited sites in Safari on iOS 9

Earlier you had to use a jailbreak in order to disable the section with often visited sites. iOS 9 got a built in setting allowing to disable the section of the most visited sites in Safari.

How to disable “Most visited” section in Safari on iOS 9?

  • Open “Settings” on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad operating on iOS 9.
  • Open “Safari” menu.
  • Disable the switch “Most visited sites”, in the field “Main”.

Now, when opening a new tab in Safari, you’ll see only the favourite sites which you actually use most often.