We’ve always sadly sighed when glancing at abundance of various input systems on competitive Android (though thus using the excellent keyboard of iOS). Starting from iOS 8 and on Apple mobile system it is possible to select the keyboard you like – native one with and without tips, Fleksy, Swype, ultra-compact Minuum or any other.

Support of third-party keyboards is realised interestingly, but not flawlessly. In a fact it is an app, so you can download keyboards from App Store. At the moment of article writing there are about ten traditional keyboards and programs which are close to them (for example, GIF Keyboard). There are both paid and free solutions.

How to install third-party keyboards on iOS 8

How to install a keyboard of another manufacturer on iOS 8

Install program from App Store, open
Open Settings – Main – Keyboard – Keyboards – New keyboards and select the installed keyboard from the list
If you need to use several languages, open keyboard menu (Settings – Main – Keyboard – Keyboards) and enable full access
Go to the installed program and adjust keyboard additionally.

Besides of quite difficult enabling, usage of third-party keyboards is connected with certain nuances. First of all sometimes they might have glitches (or iOS 8 has glitches when using a keyboard) – they may not response to pressing or not being invoked at all. Secondly there is no button of voice activated dialling in third-party keyboards. And thirdly third-party keyboards cannot be used at input of passwords.