Many owners of iPhone and iPad which have already updated their devices to iOS 8, noticed a deplorable time of battery life. So we would like to present you eight ways for prolongation of battery life of your gadget.

How to prolong battery life in iOS 8

Disable location-based system services

Open “Settings” – “Privacy” – ‘Location-based services” – “System services”. Uncheck location-based iAd, “Share a geoposition”, Spotlight offers and Wi-Fi networks. It is also recommended to disable “Often visited places” function.

Do not share your location

“Location-based services” contain “Share geoposition” section. If you are not an active user of “Find friends” app, it is better to disable this function.

Disable Handoff and offered programs

Since for the present Handoff is working worse than ever, you miss nothing, if you disable this function for a while. Open the main settings and switch all toggles in section “Handoff and offered software” section to “Off” position.

Enable Motion reduce

If you refuse animation effects of the user interface including parallax, you will make a big favour to the battery of your iPhone or iPad. Open the main settings “General access” – “Motion reduce”.

Disable auto updating of apps

You can make it in the main settings, in “Content Updating” section.

Switch off automatic loads of new purchases

Open device settings, iTunes Store, App Store section and switch off the corresponding toggle.

We hope that these tips will help you to prolong a battery life of your iPhone or iPad.