If you have already updated to iOS 8, you might have probably noticed a number of changes in the “Photo” app. Now instead of a standard “Camera roll” album there are “Recently added”, “Recently removed” and “Selected” albums. How can we restore the previous version?

Unfortunately it is impossible to restore the usual view. However there is another way – Apple has presented a new way of viewing of photos in iOS 7, which is accessible in “Photo” tab. You can view photos in three groups – “years”, “collections” and “moments”. Pictures are automatically sorted by date and place of shooting.

How to restore Camera Roll in iOS 8

The difference between “collections” and “moments” is that they narrow time frame of the pictures.

The “moments” group is probably the best way to approximate to the previous viewing way of photos by means of camera roll.

Still there are some annoying moments that should be mentioned. Apps of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others do not see the photos made a long time before this moment. They have been designed to take photos from camera roll and albums. And there is no camera roll now.

We can hardly count on returning of the usual “Camera roll” in new iOS – as a rule Apple leaves such things without changes.