Far not all users were excited with functionality of their devices on the newest mobile OS from Apple after release of iOS 8 operating system. Many raised a query how they can return back ( or “to roll back”) to iOS 7.

Readwrite reports that Apple is still signing iOS 7. So it is possible to roll the device back to its previous version of operating system. Unfortunately it will not last for a long time – the company can forbid “rolling back” in a week or two after release of iOS 8.
First of all it is necessary to check whether it is possible to “roll back” your gadget to iOS 7 or not. You can check it on this page. If there is «Yes» next to your device in «Signing» column – you can safely return to iOS 7.

How to roll back to iOS 7 from iOS 8

Then you should download iOS 7.1.2 firmware to your PC from this site.

Disable «Find iPhone» function. You can make it in iCloud section of smartphone or tablet settings.

Now you need to make only a few simple actions. Connect your device to the computer, open iTunes and the tab with connected iPhone or iPad. Select«Restore iPhone» with pressed Shift key (for Windows) or CMD (for OS X).

We are almost ready! Enter a path to the downloaded firmware of iOS 7.1.2 and launch restoration. As a result you will get an absolutely functional device without iOS 8.