We love slow video (slow-mo) thanks to “Matrix” of Wachowski brothers. Today every one can record such a video using iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5s and become popular on YouTube. But how to send it with iPhone to external source (PC, iPad, etc.)? All possible export ways are described below.

iPhone 6 Camera SloMo is a mode of slow-motion shooting, also known as Slow-motion. It works only on the latest models of Apple smartphones (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s). Video is recorded at the speed of 240 or 120 frames-per-second (FPS). Using it you can create a really cool stuff! The only one problem is that it can seem the slow effect is visible only on the iPhone screen and nowhere else. But still…

iPhone 6 slow mo

How does SloMo work on iPhone

If you haven’t tried a slow-motion shooting yet, it is a right time to choose it in the “Camera” app.

Put a slider in extreme left position (two swipes to the right, or touch Slowly inscription).
Make a video – simply how you usually do it.
When the video is ready open the existing tape.
Play the video and specify what part of it should be converted in a slow-motion mode using slider.

How to export slow-mo video from iPhone 6 / 5s

1. Sending via E-Mail or text message

Of course the simplest way is just to send a file on mail or by message. But keep in mind that video will not be transferred in native 120 fps; it will be converted to 30 fps (usual speed of video playing). In order to return SloMo-effect do the following: send video to your email, open the letter on smartphone and save the video in gallery. Now you can post it on any resource – for example, in Instagram. Another one way is described here. That’s a pity, but you will face significant loss of quality! For example, a file with size of 47,8 MB sent on E-Mail will be cut to 1,72 MB.

2. Using another app

There are plenty of such programs in Apple Store, for example Slo-Mo Share (the program will compress the video and post it in Instagram) or SloPro. SloPro allows to export videos in Instagram, and moreover to send video to iPhone photo gallery in a “correct” format. This service is a dirt cheap.

3. Send to social networks at once

Apple provides many possibilities to share SloMo video. The video can be posted in Facebook, can be sent to Mail, iCloud, Messages, YouTube and Vimeo. To make it you should simply press “Share” button and choose the corresponding icon. No “manual” converting or other actions are required. When sending data iPhone will keep the format of 120 fps. If you have chosen Facebook, ensure that your account in this social network is already open in iPhone settings. Video can be uploaded in usual (SD) or high (HD) quality. You will need Wi-Fi for uploading HD video.

4. Send slow-mo video to PC or Mac

Open iPhoto or any compatible PC app. Video will be transferred through the connected cable of your device. Use standard Quick Time player for viewing of slow-mo video on Mac.

You can also use one of special programs – iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere. In iMovie you can specify a SloMo-interval through settings (Clip-> Slow-> Motion). Select 25 % in settings. In Adobe Premiere you can do the following Clip-> Speed/Duration, in Final Cut Pro – select Change Speed command. After a while the clip will be ready. Save it on a hard drive and upload anywhere you like it – to a favourite social network, iCloud, etc.