Surely, Apple won’t ever admit it, but Live Photo there is nothing more than just ordinary minivideos. But it is quite difficult to send such file to the friend. For example, if you send it by mail, the addressee will get only a photo (without video). What should you do?

How to share Live Photos on iPhone 6s with friends

There are three ways:

  • Via iOS Message app (iMessage);
  • Via AirDrop;
  • By creation the shared album in iCloud. Shared access to iCloud photos at Settings-> iCloud, should be activated in order to use this method.

There is nothing weird in sending Live Photo using these methods, i.e. you can share them as any other media files. The main thing is you have to ensure you are sending “a live photo” (with a corresponding mark and “LIVE” inscription in the left top corner).

Live Photo can be filmed only by iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, but they may be watched on any device working on iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan. On all other operational systems, like Windows / Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. you will see just a usual, not a “live” photo.