One of the most significant innovations of iOS 8 is “Health” app among the standard programs of operating system. Our editorial board has got uncountable quantity of letters with complaints from the users who did not understand how to use “Health” app, unless you wear special gadgets like Jawbone UP24 and Nike FuelBand.

At the first launch of app you can select «Medical card» tab and create your personal medical card. It can be very useful in emergencies – for example if you suffer from allergic attacks or sharp diseases, the doctor will be able to learn your blood group and other important data at once.

Health App in iOS8

Here you can enter your name, surname and date of birth, as well as diseases, medical card number, presence of allergic reactions and desirable medicines.

Below you can enter a contact phone for emergency case, blood group, your height, weight, and the information whether you are organ donor or not.

Now you have a real high-grade medical card which can be used in case of need.

You can type information on your weight, diet, sleep and many other things – for example, a distance you have ridden by bicycle in «Medical data» section.

In section “All” you can specify even such data, as alcohol level in blood (warmest regards to traffic police), pressure, use of inhaler, etc.