Apple has presented iCloud Drive service accessible for iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and computers with Windows at WWDC conference for developers in June of this year. That is not an absolutely new idea – Apple company has already had own “cloudy” service – iCloud, and a prefix Drive has only expanded its possibilities (and the prices became much lower). Today we would like to tell you how to use the updated service.

First of all let’s list the devices which can work with iCloud Drive

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with installed iOS 8
  • Mac PC with OS X Yosemite
  • PC with OS Windows 7 or onwards with installed iCloud for Windows 4.0

You can use iCloud Drive after updating of all supported devices to iOS 8. It can be used on Mac computers after updating to OS X Yosemite which is going to be released this autumn (beta version for developers and usual users is already available). Moreover there is a possibility to get access to iCloud Drive on website.

How to use iCloud Drive on iOS 8

If you are already using iCloud with iOS 8, open “Settings” section in iPhone or iPad, then «iCloud» – «iCloud Drive» – «Update to iCloud Drive». All documents kept in iCloud will appear in your new storage.

After opening of «iCloud Drive» tab you will be able whether to enable or disable certain apps for using your “cloudy” storage.

All files and documents which use iCloud Drive for storage of their data are displayed in section “Storage”. When pressing «Other documents» tab you will see the files which are kept in iCloud Drive, but which cannot be opened on this device.

It is possible to get access to files in iCloud Drive on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only by means of Apple programs (Pages, Numbers, etc.) and other apps supporting iCloud Drive.

On Mac and Windows (with preinstalled iCloud panel for Windows) access to files is much more convenient. iCloud Drive tab appears automatically after activation/installation of all necessary elements on OS X and Windows.

You can view the list of apps using iCloud on “Parameters” tab.

You will see the whole list of files kept in iCloud.

Besides iCloud Drive storage can be opened from any computer directly in a browser. You should use for it.

You can store any types of files which size does not exceed 15 Gb in iCloud Drive. There no restrictions for file types.

Therefore you can easily “upload” your movies, music or documents and use iCloud Drive as a regular “cloud”. The only fact you need to remember – access to them will be limited from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.