Only several days passed after the official release of iOS 8, but Apple is already preparing release of the first update of their newest operating system. From hearsay iOS 8.0.1 is going to be released at the end of this or in the beginning of the next week, and updating will correct considerable amount of errors which can be found in the present version of iOS.

MacRumors edition notes a huge surge of visits of a portal from devices with iOS 8.0.1. Mobile operators have been testing update for several weeks already (yes, even before the release of iOS 8).

iOS 8.0.1 will be released soon

Apple should presumably update the error with impossibility to play video in Safari, incorrect work of AirDrop with Passbook app, a problem with activation of VPN-profiles, as well as error arising at readdressing of a call.

This time there are less people who want to update iOS 7 to iOS 8 in comparison with last year. Perhaps it can be explained with considerable quantity of defects and unstable work of operating system on old smartphones and tablets from Apple.

Have you already updated your device to iOS 8?