All foreign offices got down to business right after official sales start. iFixit started analysis of devices, photographer Austin Mann has studied possibilities of new cameras. Some usual “drop-tests” were carried out as well. Guys from AnandTech decided to waste no time and have devoted the last weekend to studying of efficiency of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Not only the main leaders of Apple have taken part in the rating, but also last year’s model – iPhone 5S and a number of smart phones on the basis of Android operating system. What about efficiency of graphics – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have confidently taken the first place, however they still turned to be inferior to iPhone 5S. Was it really an accidental?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus tests

The game tablet NVIDIA SHIELD which has gained 30.2 points in the processors’s test by results of GFXBench 3.0 testing appeared to be the indisputable winner. The model of iPhone 6 Plus has got only 14.8 points and hast taken the 4th place – whether because of quite large screen or insufficient update of software and hardware.

What about the battery life – in this aspect whether iPhone 6 Plus, nor iPhone 6 have no problems. The inaccessible leader of the rating was tablet-phone of Huawei Ascend Mate 2 company. The Chinese brainchild has stand 18.7 hours in web surfing mode while connected to WiFi. iPhone 6 Plus – 13.7 hours, iPhone 6 – 11.4. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S were also tested and have held 9.7 and 8.97 hours accordingly.

AnandTech have carried out 12 tests in total. Alas, but two new leaders from Apple have not always gotten the top places. After all, it is still a competition.