Experts of DisplayMate company declared the display installed in iPhone 6 Plus as the best one in the world among all displays that have been made till now. The company specialising on manufacture of professional calibration equipment and adjustment of displays, has carried out testing of display in new iPhone 6 Plus and has officially stated that this display is the best one they have ever tested.

It should be mentioned that OLED displays from Samsung which are made on the basis of absolutely different technology than Retina HD displays, used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, were not tested.

The leader in the general rating of displays including both LCD and OLED displays, is Super AMOLED – the display installed in recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4, still yielding the rank of «the Best LCD display» to iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus display

Experts from DisplayMate note that the display in iPhone 6 is great as well, however it is still second to the display of iPhone 6 Plus because of the smaller resolution and density of pixels per inch.

According to results of the tests DisplayMate have found out that the colour covering of the iPhone 6 display makes up 99 percent, and in iPhone 6 Plus – 101 percent from sRGB. The experts have also made special mention of high brightness and low degree of display reflexion. These two factors perfectly cope with display of picture under direct sunlight – each one of them has brightness over 550 nit.

Great values of brightness, contrast, colour covering and intensity of displays on new iPhone, according to DisplayMate, are provided first of all thank to «highly automated process of factory calibration of each display during its manufacture».

Among the new technologies applied by Apple while developing new displays it is necessary to note significantly decreased thickness of the display, improved polarisation (colours of the display are not distorted even if you look at it through sun glasses), «photorealness of IPS» which is updating of standard IPS, judging by the name.