Seems like this year Apple is going to set not only a record of sales within the first weekend (around 10 million devices were already sold), but also a record of crashed devices quantity. RatedRR company has already presented three completely crashed iPhone 6 Plus smartphones on its YouTube-channel.

This time Rick Ryan decided to carry out the classic test which was waited by so many subscribers of his channel – a shot from sniper rifle Barrett M82A1 of 50th gauge. This time he did not begin with traditional tests, such as falling on a sand and a firm surface, immersing in water, but shot at device end face at once, having smashed 5,5-inch smartphone into pieces.

iPhone 6 Plus vs 50-gauge sniper rifle

High-speed cameras have shot flying to bits fragments of the case and interior of the gadget. But it was not so easy to find them on the ground afterwards.

Earlier RatedRR team announced a series from 7 crash tests for iPhone 6 Plus, and has already realised three of them. Except demonstrative “shooting”, the smart phone was subject to freezing by liquid nitrogen and to breaking by a sledge hammer, as well as crushing in a blender. It’s anybody’s guess what trial the imagination of experienced destroyers of expensive electronics will invent next.