A dispute wether iPhone or a professional camera take better videos lasts for a long time. Before the release of iPhone 6s, Apple smartphones could not screen in 4K. That’s why one photographer decided to compare 4K-video from iPhone 6s and materials filmed by Nikon D750 camera.

iPhone 6s makes better videos than a professional camera

For a comparison, the photographer Fstoppers has compressed a 4K-video from iPhone 6s to 1080p, and then put the received shots in the same footage with records from Nikon, filmed with resolution 1080p. The difference was obvious: a video created with iPhone 6s was much brighter and more saturated, and provides incredible particularization of the picture at zoom. Thus, this effect cannot be found at D750.

The photographer notes that this experiment works only when filming at perfect conditions. At insufficient illumination and other interferences, the shots filmed with a professional chamber would be certainly better.

When choosing a device for a video, the one should keep in mind that one minute of such video type takes 400 MB, therefore, iPhone 6s should be enhanced with 64 GB or 128 GB memory.