The Network is already overflowed with video of tests demonstrating how users bend their smartphones of different models from different manufacturers. Therefore experts from uBreakFixCo decided to carry out tests to determine degree of stability of smartphones to mechanical influence in lab conditions.

iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 3 were subject to testing. All three smartphones have consistently passed a press with pressure of 20 kg, then experts measured degree of bending of the devices after test.

iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 3

iPhone 5 with value of 1,75 mm has taken the first place of durability; the second, in spite of all expectations, – iPhone 6 Plus phablet – 3,25 mm. Korean Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has taken the third position – 4,5 mm.

However it is no reason to gossip about production of competitors. Despite of the fact that according to indicators Note 3 was inferior to Apple phablet, the Korean device can be “unbent” back which is impossible with iPhone 6 Plus. The all-metal aluminium case of the phablet is to blame – it deforms under big loading, and then it is impossible to restore the initial form of device.

On the basis of experiment uBreakFixCo stated that the weight of 20 kg is too small to bend the case of iPhone 6 Plus.

Enthusiasts continue testing Apple phablets. In one of last experiments users found out in what pose you should sit to bend iPhone 6 Plus laying in a front pocket. Besides Apple management has invited journalists in their laboratories to show how devices are tested before release for sale.