iPhone with usb-c

iPhone with usb-c

We know enough about the next Apple’s smartphone, but we haven’t yet heard such news. The authoritative edition of Wall Street Journal says that the iPhone 8 will have USB-C connector instead of the Lightning connector. It is hard to believe, but the Wall Street Journal rarely write about what they are not sure. USB-C is widely used in new MacBook, but hasn’t been used in the company’s portable devices previously.

In addition to this shocking news from Wall Street Journal there is information that the new iPhone will be equipped with curved OLED-display. This information we have heard already.

But back to the connector. On the one hand, the usage of USB-C in iPhone seems logical. Apple uses the modern standard in its notebooks, including for charging. It will be convenient to have one cable for all devices. On the other hand, Lightning connector appeared not so long ago and there are a large number of accessories that use it. Not so long ago started to appear headphone connectors with Lightning for iPhone 7. Are they destined to die so soon?

There were attempts to force the company to use standard microUSB when Apple used the old 30-pin connector. Instead, Apple have invented the Lightning. If the new iPhone will come with a USB-C, it will be the first iPhone which can be charged with the same cable that is used for charging the modern smartphone on Android.

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