If you have an Apple Watch and pay much attention to details, you may have already noticed that some icons of apps sending notifications to your watch are round, while the other are square. Why is it so and what does this Cupertino solution mean? Well, let’s see.

Secret of notifications of Apple Watch

The answer is actually very simple: the icon’s form depends on whether the app is started on watch or on iPhone connected to it. If the app content is simply mirroring from the smartphone on the Apple Watch screen, then the notification icon will be square and the message will have information data only. If you see a round icon, this means that the notification was sent from the watch and you can interact with it.

By the way, sometimes the same app can send messages with both round and square icons – for example, Mail. In this case, if the icon is square it means that the message is not in your inbox, and if the icon is round – then it is, and you can reply to the message from directly from your watch.