The newest release of iOS is full of interesting features; thus, even seemingly insignificant options can simplify the use of device and to see the usual things afresh. For example, the built in post client got new features. This makes work with e-mail on iOS much more convenient. So let’s see how it works.

Signing documents and drawing on attachments in Mail

Like drawing on photos before sending them by e-mail? The guys in Cupertino know about it and have introduced a new built in tool in iOS 9. All you have to do is just to select the necessary picture, to paste it using the contextual menu, pop-up by a short press on an empty field, and to make the same press on it. The menu item we need is called “Marking”. You can sign a card in such a way.

But there is more to come. The updated Mail can sign the document attached to the letter as an attachment. In order to sign it, you just have to open the latter and to touch the screen in any point, then to press a suitcase icon in the right bottom corner. The sign button is located in the right bottom corner as well, in the opened tool panel. After adding the signature and saving it as a template, you can paste it into the documents with just one touch.