Often those who hurry up to become one of the first buyers of a new iPhone have to be one of the first to face problems and production defects.

The complaints of the first owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The pioneers have already learnt iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus profoundly, and have composed four basic complaints.

These are nuances which should be considered by Apple company and by buyers when purchasing a new smartphone.

  • Touch ID – some users complained of inexplicable heating of the button with the fingerprints scanner which stops only after reboot of a smartphone.
  • Switching-off – even when iPhone 6s is completely charged, it can switch off in hands of some users, and then can be switched on again.
  • Speakers – sometimes sounds from iPhone 6s speakers are too loud and overloaded. Moreover, iPhone 6s sometimes confuses with volume and speakers for playing a certain sound.
  • 3D Touch – a new technology from Apple was released with some small bugs. Sometimes a smartphone confuses strong pressing with the usual one. It occurs in some apps and is obviously a program problem.